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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Veil of Darkness

Somewhere, in the middle of nowhere…I jump off…everything around is darkness and quiet, very quiet. But I can hear the water whispering to me. It is calling me. And then, I meet him, my groom. He is there, everywhere around me. It is cold and waving to me. Lots of waves are calling my name. He is waiting for me. I can see it very clear the way to get there. All waves are foaming like kneeling scarf after scarf ready to embrace me. Soon I will be there dancing with him, just two of us somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And wave after wave gives me hug after hug and covering my body with their embroider foam. I roam in the water breaking wave after wave, dancing with them, diving into them. That is the moment, the moment of happiness and supreme sacrifice. I am tired, and slowly I let them to carry me. I am passed from wave to wave until he comes back. He touches me, grabbed me, it is getting colder and darker and fear starts to rise in my whole soul.. and we run. In the deep water. I am scared, I wanna go out, I want to breath

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sound of silence

I want to cry but then I have no tears
I want to scream but there is no sound
I want to run but my legs on frozen
  All my body tears apart in medians of particles that started to cry, to scream, to run. Once they meet my whole entire body is just a swirl of dust that runs through the sky and slowly all the particles lose their power to cry, or scream, to run and slowly but it turns back, same as the feathers fly in the blow of the wind. I am looking around me and I see just the sound of silence.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Glasul Ploii

Asculta ploaia ce bate in geam
Asculta soaptele vremii
Asculta vantul ce trece prin ram
Asculta murmurul serii

Priveste la ceru'nnourat
La norii ce fug intruna
Priveste fulgerul ce tocmai a scaparat
Lumina si noaptea sunt una

Tunete se aud agitat
Bat ritmul valtorii
Aduna natura la cantat
Compunand simfonia culorii

Asculta frunza ce fluiera
Asculta creanga cese indoaie
Asculta iarba ce se scutura
Asculta ploaia ce cade siroaie