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Sunday, February 25, 2018

I am...

I am the answer
To your unasked question
The open tower
Only you can read it alone

I am the leader
For you to touch the sky
Being the rider
From a constellation to another one

I am the wave
Who brings you to another shore
The courage you have
Swimming to reach the other one

I am the lonley heart
The one that leave and feels it hard
We never fall apart

In this journey together as one

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

August Rush

Image result for NIGHT RAIN VIOLIN

 Listening the music inside yourself
The inner lyrics playing itself
Close your eyes and start to dance
Around your heart let them race

In the middle of the night
The music you hear inside
It is a lonely solo violin
All bits together falling in

When all and each are playing notes
The symphony of  your thoughts
Dancing love in the rain
Swirling and swirling insane

You, the violin and dance
A unique trinity romance
Embraced under the alcove 
Singing the concert of a real love

Thursday, February 15, 2018


Image result for inimi nori

Sa prinzi aripi sa zbori
Sa plutesti pe un covor de nori
Inchizi ochii si respiri
Parfumul adevaratei iubiri

Asculti vantul cum sopteste
In pasi de vals el se roteste
Se inalta si coboara
Vartejuri de inimi tresara

Dansand cu salcia inmugurita
Ii canta precum o inima indragostita
O apleaca si o rasuceste
In ritm de vals o inima pluteste

Vant si salcie inlantuite
Danseaza vals innebunite
Te prind in dansul lor si zbori
Pe un imens covor de nori