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Sunday, June 24, 2012

My dream...

I was in my bed listened the voice of the ocean. The window was open that I could hear the waves breaking on the shore. It was a repeating noise, but trying to say something. I close my eye trying to understand the message from the water. I listened and I was able to hear the whisper of the breeze. The sheer in my window was moving like calling somebody inside, like a welcome. The nature was telling something to me…I lay still, and I heard you. I hear you passing through my open window. For a moment I had frozen. Is that you? My dream is here, I can smell your salty body. I can feel your presence in the room. You moved slowly trying not to make any noise, and getting closer to my bed. I knew that you are looking at me, and I wanted to jump and hug you, but I knew it that you will disappear. My eyes were closed, but all my other feelings were wide open to catch every move and breathe from you. I cannot describe the joy in my soul of having you here with me. You are mine; you came in this world to be mine. In the next second I feel your arm over my right shoulder, and you body getting closer to mine. I felt your muscles getting harder. I could smell you again. I turned around and opened my eye…WHERE ARE YOU?!? I immediately closed my eye trying to keep you with me, but I lost you. You disappear again in that black night, and lighting started outside, and the waves were higher trying to get you deeper and hold you there. It started to rain; I jumped from bed and look at the window. I wasn’t able to see you. Everything was black outside. I started to cry, but my tears were dry. Somebody was whipping them from my cheeks…it is you, my night visitor; you came back for me to hold me and protect me. I have fallen asleep in your arms, a dream that I want not to be ended…

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