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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Milk with cereal

  A few days ago I fixed the table for dinner. I put the food on the table. The specialty for that dinner was a Romanian sheep cheese that I brought from Romania last summer. I guess all emigrants bring some goodies from their countries when they come back from visiting their families. As I said I have brought sheep cheese. In that evening, in an empty special-shaped cast iron pot where I cooked polenta, I put some milk. While I was eating milk with polenta deep memories from my childhood have run through my mind. But, I cannot tell you what was my son’s reaction: disgusting food,  I cannot look at it … then I had to explained to him about it, and I have compared my food with milk and cereal because corn is not a fruit or vegetable, it is a cereal. Since then, every time when I eat milk with poleta, my son asks me: are you eating Romanian version of milk and cereal?

P.S. POLENTA is made from cornmeal boiled in water and added little salt.