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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hai-Hui prin America 11

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o         Kauai Island is a wild, beautiful and marvelous place where everybody aspires to spend their vacation. It has volcanic mountains covered with a variety of tropical plants, and beneath the valley is the Pacific Ocean with his loud, foamy and strong waves. On the island is a highway which goes around the island except for a small portion where there is a hidden beach. The highway is like a ribbon wrapping the island with some sparkles from the signal lights. Since I have planned my trip to Kauai, I was amazed about the many things that can be seen there, and I really wanted from the bottom of my heart to go hiking on the trail which leads to the hidden beach. Even I knew that this will be an exhausting day; however, I was ready to embrace everything that nature had to share with me. After a drive for about forty minutes, I arrived at the destination point.
     The trail led up on the mountain, and meandered down to the hidden beach. Looking at it from above, the path of the trail looks like the entire mountain was winded by a very long, skinny, and calm snake. As I began my journey on the very tiny dusty hiking trail, I sometimes had to move the plants away from my way. They were
inclining in front of me, greeting me, and trying to protect me from the bright sun. The variety of small palm trees or other tropical plants, made me stop and admire them. I listened to the sound of green leaves rustle and their whispers while I was rested in their shadows. From up there on the trail, I could see the ocean, but I was not able to here its murmur. I was seated, and the burned orange dust from the trail stuck on my skin.
     I moved on, and I passed through a bayou, jumping on the stones covered with moisture and soft moss. They were so slippery because the water was running above most of them. The sounds of water bumping into the stones made me forget trying to keep my tennis shoes dry. The bayou water was so clear I could have used as a mirror. Meanwhile, I bent myself and tried to see my face in the clearness of flowing water, but all what I was able to see was my blurry and wavy faced. Soon, thunders have accompanied me on the last part of my hiking. After a while, warm rain came from the bright sky. My clothes were soaked, and the rain dripped from my hair patting my shoulders. My journey was not finished yet, I had to drag myself to continue, even if the bayou was as an obstacle in my way.
     After more than three hours of walking up and down on the mountain, I have finally arrived at the destination, with pain in my legs from the long, tiring journey, but I did not stop and I walked along the beach. Surrounding me were green, blue and the sandy color of the beach.  Moreover, I could not stop seeing the blue and I opened my arms, and tried to hug that light blue. I smelled, and tested the windy air whichvhas a smoothly, salty test. I forgot about all the people around me, and imagined myself diving deep in that turquoise water feeling it with my whole body. The Pacific Ocean was my groom, and he would welcome my body in his foamy cold waves. I had left my imagination to float, and bring me in a dream world...
     The scream of a seagull, awakened me up from my dreams. I was happy and full of feelings. I had revised the long walk on the trail. I looked down to my shoes; they were wet, muddy, covered with green spots, and heavy. I smiled because the journey I had in that day, was worth more than a pair of tennis shoes and wet clothes. Even the day was an exhausting one and all my clothes wet; overall my day was a pleasant and enjoyable one. 


  1. Frumoasă Lumi!
    Un weekend de vis să ai!

  2. Multumesc ELENA, o zi minunata iti doresc!

  3. Cred ca ai avut ce vedea acolo...

  4. Da, aici am descris sentimentele dintr-una din zile.

  5. Hmmm....vreau si eu!!!!
    Numai bine iti doresc!

  6. Alice Georgiana, ce mai astepti, urca-te in avion!

  7. Imi este foarte greu sa intru pe blog-ul tau. Nu scap de reclama aia la top66. Pot comenta numai la primul articol dintr-o anumita pagina :(

    You must do something ...