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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Shoes – Pantofi

Pantofi – un hobby sau o boala? Cred ca noi femeile il putem numi un hobby sau o boala? Nu cred ca stiu raspunsul corect. Dar stiu sigur ca e cosmarul consortilor nostril. Cate dintre noi se pot abtine sa nu cumpere o pereche de incaltari cand intra intr-un magazin? Sau mai correct spuns, cate dintre noi se pot abtine sa nu intre intr-un magazine de incaltaminte? Fie ca ne place culoarea, sau modelul, ori ii gasim la reducere si pur si simplu nu ne putem abtine sa nu cumparam. Cate dintre noi fetele nu avem pantofi care pur si simplu nu i-am incaltat deloc? Cred ca suntem incaltamalcoolice.
 Iubesc incaltamintea!

Shoes – a hobby or an illness? I think we – women can say it is a hobby, or maybe a illness? I do not know the correct answer. But I know for sure that it is our hubby’s nightmare. How many of us cannot stop them to buy some shoes when we are in a store? How many of us can stay away from a shoes store? We always find an excuse to buy shoes: color, the model or they are in sale. How many of us have shoes and never used it so far? I think we are shoe alcoholics.
 I love shoes!


  1. Lumi din pacate fiecare dintre noi femeile avem o boala...daca nu e incaltamintea atunci sunt fardurile, iar daca nu sunt fardurile atunci este imbracamintea, daca nu este aceasta atunci sunt parfumurile, posetele,si uite asa...
    Sa ai o zi frumoasa!

  2. Buna Corina, da asa este, toate avem cate o "boala" incurabila.

  3. I love shoes so much!!!!!! I think women have a very materialistic mind-set, and they're are into anything that costs money, or makes them stand out. It's just the way they're made, its what makes them women.

  4. You are right Ionela, we are the spend money person of the house. We feel sick when we do not spend $$$$. It is in our blood, it makes us women.